Our story

Established 1951 in a family factory on Kingsland Road, London, Denson pioneered looks from the Brothel Creeper to Winklepickers. The brand was popular within many subcultures, namely the Teddy Boys in the 50s, but also with the New Wave of the 70s/80s.

A pair of Denson Winklepickers were featured on the cover of Joe Jackson's 1979 debut album 'Look Sharp!'. The album cover ranked number 22 on Rolling Stone's list of the greatest album covers of all time. 

Joe Jackson seen wearing his pair of white Denson Winklepickers. 


1972 Rock Archive album cover featuring a pair of black suede Denson Fine Poynts

Rock Archive 1972 album cover featuring a pair of black suede Denson Fine Poynts 


Denson became a household brand, even having a second factory in the footwear county of Northamptonshire. Unfortunately, along with many other brands, Denson went out of business when manufacturing moved abroad. 

Today we're back. Our shoes are made in the EU with a Made in England range coming soon. Our shoes are manufactured ethically and sustainably; we are also developing a vegan range.

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